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Puppy Creche

Puppy Creche

Young puppies cannot be left on their own for long periods of time, they require a midday feed and constant supervision to keep up their initial training and keep them out of trouble. Let us help you with our creche facility.

Puppy's must be between 8 - 20 weeks of age

  • Very young puppies (8 weeks) can only be dropped off/collected after a minimum of 5 days post inoculation one 

  • Proof of inoculation is required

Creche open from Monday - Friday

  • 06:30 - 16:30

    • Pick Up/Drop Off is available at an additional charge of R10/km

  • Daily fee of R150 

    • Reduced rate for a minimum of 3 days - R360 (R120/day).

    • Reduced weekly fee (Mon - Fri) reduced to R550 (R110/day) 

  • During creche puppy will:

    • Be potty trained

    • Be trained to walk on leash/harness

    • Be taught basic obedience (sit, stand, lie down, off, bed and recall)

    • Be socialized with other dogs and puppies (vet approval only following inoculations)​

    • Puppy food to be provided for the day - this is to prevent upset stomachs

Sterilized and secure puppy areas are provided for:

  • Play

  • Sleep

  • Socialization

All invoices from Fur Kidz Ferry are to be settled within 15 days of issue

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