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Puppy Training 

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is a time of immense joy, however, few owners realise the extent of work that is required.


An 8 week old puppy has been alive 56 days. They have been taken away from everything familiar and safe, and brought into a house where everything is new... new people, new things, new situations that they don't know or have any idea how to navigate. They need reassurance, kindness and patience, to help them learn. 


We offer a puppy training/socialisation solution that can be done through home-assisted consultations or through a boarding option.

Puppy Training  - Home

Self Home Training:

  • Initial consultation fee of R500 includes:

    • Personalized puppy schedule and training plan​​

    • Tips included for potty training, walking on lead and basic obedience

Assisted Home training​

  • Initial consultation fee of R500, plus an additional fee of R475/week includes:​

    • Daily visits (Monday - Friday) for 30 - 45 mins including:​

      • Training​

        • Potty training, walking on lead & basic obedience​

      • Playtime

      • Feeding

      • Mess Cleanup

All invoices from Fur Kidz Ferry are to be settled within 15 days of issue

Puppy training - Boarding

Puppy's must be between 8 - 14 weeks of age, and must have had their first inoculation

  • Puppy can only be dropped off/collected after a minimum of 5 days post inoculation 

  • Proof of inoculation is required

Boarding Training:

  • Weekly fee of R1500 includes:

    • Puppies will be boarded between 2 - 4 weeks

      • Puppy food provided (unless otherwise instructed)

    • During boarding puppy will:

      • Receive further inoculations (if required)

      • Be potty trained

      • Attend puppy creche daily

      • Be trained to walk on leash/harness

      • Be taught basic obedience (sit, stand, lie down, off, bed and recall)

      • Be socialised with other dogs and puppies (vet approval only following inoculations)

  • A special discounted rate is available for any foster puppies from registered animal rescue organisations.

Sterilised and secure puppy areas are provided for:

  • Play

  • Sleep

  • Socialisation

All invoices from Fur Kidz Ferry are to be settled within 15 days of issue

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